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Jenny Hjul

Power games reveal the real victims of male abuse

November 8 2017

The sex pest scandal that is engulfing Westminster has so far terminated the political careers of several Tories, including one cabinet minister and a chief whip, and a clutch of Labour MPs, and yesterday, tragically, it was connected to the death of the Welsh MP Carl Sargeant.

Jenny Hjul

A ‘chilling’ attack indeed

November 1 2017

Scotland’s renowned universities have had to jealousy guard their independence under the SNP, which though surely proud of such national institutions does not quite get their relatively autonomous – in educational terms – status.

Jenny Hjul

This ban smacks of an SNP distraction

October 25 2017

Nicola Sturgeon will have been pleased, on the whole, with the headlines that greeted her decision to ban the smacking of children in Scotland. While her government presides over a crisis in primary health care and plummeting education standards, the debate about physical punishment provides a handy distraction.

Jenny Hjul

No more bleating by the Brexit sidelines, please

October 18 2017

With Brexit negotiations on a knife edge it seems irrelevant to bring up the subject of Scottish independence – again. But the link between leaving Europe and leaving the UK is made ad nauseam by the nationalists, so link them we must.

Jenny Hjul

We will pay cost of fracking ban

October 11 2017

Inside the SNP bubble this week the focus has been on the party itself yet again but in the world beyond the conference hall patience with Scotland’s ruling party is wearing thin.

Jenny Hjul

Anas Sarwar’s hopes go south

September 27 2017

On the evidence of his political career to date, Scottish Labour leadership contender Anas Sarwar is probably not the saviour his party is seeking.