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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant review: Forbes of Kingennie (43/50)

April 29 2019

If, as US novelist and poet Gertrude Stein once said, we should forget grammar and think about potatoes then Forbes of Kingennie, a resort in a beautifully rural location mere moments outside Dundee, would be a very good place to let yourself come to a full stop and get back in tune with the land.

Food & Drink

Food blog: Catherine Devaney

April 27 2019

If challenged to make seafood paella with ingredients bought from my local supermarket I would probably fail miserably. It would be impossible, in our corner of Fife, to find the Aladdin’s cave of ingredients we encountered this week in a little supermarket in rural Spain.


New literary festival in Perth celebrates dreams old and new

April 27 2019

If you thought dream analysis was a modern phenomenon you’ll be surprised to learn that even as far back as the second century AD people were fascinated by their dreams. Oneirocritica –The Interpretation of Dreams – is an ancient Greek treatise on dream interpretation written by professional diviner Artemidorus.