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Angus & The Mearns

Dweller by the sea: ‘Beautiful’ instrument guides the hand of Andrew Wasylyk as new album inspired by Hospitalfield in Arbroath

November 22 2018

When renowned Dundee-based musician and producer Andrew Mitchell was granted a five-month residency at Hospitalfield arts centre in Arbroath earlier this year to create new music for their restored 19th century Erard Grecian harp, he created melodies and progressions echoing the building’s unique relationship with the looming North Sea horizon.

Angus & The Mearns

Review: The Skids’ 40th anniversary tour, Montrose Town Hall

June 29 2017

“We are still disgusting punk scum – but we don’t want to talk about the past too much – we are very much about the present!” declared Fife legend and front man Richard Jobson as he took to the stage in Montrose Town Hall for the latest installment of The Skids’ 40th anniversary tour- a road journey across the UK and Ireland which Jobson described as “magical, overwhelming and moving”.