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Only the dogs are happy when Fiona’s ill

June 25 2016

A lurgy strikes at the start of the week. It starts with a two-day headache and a feeling that things are not quite tip-top. A normally robust soul, I ignore the discomfort and try to muddle through.


Gone fishing

July 23 2016

This week brings a surprise offer to fish a friend’s rain-lashed river whilst he heads off to holiday in sunny Portugal. It is a kind thought. Yet, with the sea trout running, who in their right mind would choose the Algarve over the Annan?


Happy to be home

July 9 2016

Hurrah, we are home, albeit still feeling woozy after all that time in the air. Three planes, six plastic in-flight meals, four quarter bottles of wine and at least a gallon and a half of water to balance it all out…


At least it’s only a solitary forky-tail

July 16 2016

It is during a routine window clean that a forky-tail is discovered in the house. This is a new word to me and I add it to my vocabulary while the creature is sent on its way to the garden before the MacNaughties can catch and eat it.


Tartan trendsetting Down Under

July 2 2016

It is official. A winter down under is warmer than a summer up above. Greetings from sunny Australia where the chief and I are here for matters ‘clannish’.