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Leap of faith

November 17 2018

It was like treading upon a sweeping carpet of copper, such was the burnished tint of the beech leaves covering this track by the River North Esk near Edzell.

Nature Watch

The eyes have it on Loch Leven

November 10 2018

The low autumn sun over Loch Leven illuminated this small group of goldeneye ducks in perfect fashion; the rays of light catching every nuance of their green iridescent heads.

Nature Watch

The gentle call of the redwing

November 3 2018

It is the lightest of sounds, and even in the stillness of the night air, so delicate I’m not even sure it is there. But I concentrate the mind once more, and yes, I can definitely hear it; a thin wispy ‘seep, seep’ coming from the darkness of the heavens.


Eight-armed wonder

October 27 2018

It’s those eyes, the large intelligent eyes that are so striking, a piercing concentration that made me wonder whether this octopus was pondering a dilemma; should I stay still and rely on my camouflage for concealment, or perhaps better to make a dash for deeper water?

Nature Watch

Kites flying high

October 13 2018

The buzzard sitting in the grassy field ducked its head, then ducked again, as a procession of red kites swooped down upon it, one after another as if in concerted attack.

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Life’s a beech

September 29 2018

Down by the river there is a fallen beech tree of such massive girth that it must have made a most striking impression upon the landscape before it tumbled to the ground a couple of decades or so ago.

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Mushroom hunting in Rannoch Forest

September 8 2018

Mist swirling over the treetops of Rannoch Forest and the drizzle pit-pattering on my cap, making it a day to cast the eyes downwards as I seek out late summer flowers by this Perthshire track edge.

Nature Watch

Hedgehog spotting

September 1 2018

I’m sitting in the garden at dusk, the damp air hanging heavy from recent rain. A bat twirls by the leafy fringes of a sycamore, repeatedly sweeping towards the foliage before fluttering out again as it hunts for flying insects.