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Master the art of public speaking with Dundee Speakers Club

November 18 2017

Sweaty palms? Trembling hands? Stumbling over your words? If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms while delivering a speech or addressing a group, you’re far from alone. Public speaking can be terrifying and yet it’s a vital skill to master and can stand you in good stead time after time.


Ca-nine to five: one in five Scottish workplaces allow pets in the office

November 15 2017

New research from online job board showed furry benefits - easing employee stress and increasing productivity Clear “gender pet gap” is evident, with 12% of male workers complaining about pets compared to only 1% of women 35% of Scots believe a pet in the workplace helps ease stress According to new research, one-fifth of Scottish workplaces now allow employees to bring pets into the office, yet a similar proportion (16%) of workers have complained about the furry companions.


Penguin Parade: P-p-p-picnic with a penguin

November 15 2017

Dundee’s Penguin Parade is getting us all a-flutter here in The Courier office. With the fantastic news that only 20 more penguins need to be sponsored we can’t wait to see a colony – or “waddle” – of 80 colourful giant penguins invading the city during 2018.


Save a pretty penny this Christmas: money saving tips for all the family

November 6 2017

Parenting can be a costly business. It can be tricky to stick to a budget when you're constantly refilling the fridge and buying the kids the next size up in shoes. And, with the expense of Halloween just behind us and Christmas on the horizon, mums and dads will be wondering how they are going to budget for the next few months.


Zero interest in interest rates: 66% of Scots can’t identify current bank base rate

November 1 2017

Over half (55 per cent) of Scots don’t know what the term “interest rate” means Two thirds (70 per cent) can’t identify the current Bank of England base rate of 0.25 per cent The news comes amid speculation of a November base rate rise With the Bank of England hinting that there may be a base rate rise as soon as the start of November, new research from MoneySuperMarket can reveal that 70 per cent of Scots can’t accurately pinpoint the current base rate.


Zombie SFX: Andy and Megan are pure dead brilliant

October 28 2017

As a shambling blood-covered zombie lurches its way across the road and into a nearby graveyard, terrified passers-by hurry out of its path. But this isn’t a scene from the latest horror flick – it’s mid-afternoon in Dundee city centre and for ‘zombie’ Andy Finlay, it’s just an ordinary day.