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A trip to the Swiss valley of Binn works wonders for body and soul

August 5 2017

Early on my first morning at Chaserstatt hotel I’m woken by the gentle sound of cow bells. Set 5000ft up in the Binntal, an Alpine valley in the Swiss canton of Valais, the hotel enjoys sweeping views down to the town of Ernen far below, while the owners of the bells – beautiful brown cattle – graze close by on their summer pastures.


Dumfries and Galloway – Scotland’s most relaxed corner

April 22 2017

To many people Dumfries and Galloway is just that region that you bullet past on the motorway on a dash between Scotland and England. I’ve been guilty of that too. If you stop off, though, and make some time Scotland’s southernmost region is a real charmer alive with epic ruined abbeys, superb local produce, sweeping sandy beaches, gorgeous scenery and some great places to stay.


Visit Vietnam and find a Quoc of gold

February 18 2017

The beach vendor sets down a thick bamboo cane, laden at either end with heavy hanging baskets of mangoes and coconuts, which she has been balancing on her shoulder.