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Kilt Walk: best foot forward for charities in need

April 8 2017

The Kilt Walk is back – and it’s bigger and better than ever. Kiltwalk is a unique Scottish charity that enables thousands of walkers to fundraise for their choice of Scottish charity. Originally founded in 2011, the Kiltwalk event took a year or two out to reboot under the auspices of the Hunter Foundation, founded by Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter, and was successfully relaunched last year.


Table tennis keeps Pat on the ball

April 1 2017

There’s something mesmerising about watching Pat Duffy and his partner play table tennis. A blur of bats ricochets the ball to and fro as the players dance from one foot to the other, keeping the momentum going.


A bicycle made for two

March 25 2017

A few years ago, when Louise McLeary found herself out of puff after climbing a few stairs, she realised it was time to get fitter.


Help us tackle loneliness — share your stories of kindness

March 13 2017

Loneliness and isolation affect thousands of people, young and old, and can lead to serious illnesses including depression, stress, low self-esteem and alcoholism. In fact, one study found that isolation is more of a risk factor for disease than smoking and obesity.


Reach out the hand of kindness

March 6 2017

Here at The Courier we believe that no-one, young or old, should feel lonely or isolated. That’s why we’re launching The Courier Community Kindness Campaign today – and we want you to join in.