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Blazing Saddles

Healthy food is the ideal fuel for cycling

June 15 2019

Cycling is an activity that requires lots of good fuel to keep our bodies functioning over long rides. Although the term ‘bonk’ may induce sniggers among many, for cyclists and other endurance athletes bonking can be quite a serious situation and is the term used to describe the point where you have exhausted your body’s glycogen stores and becoming hypoglycaemic.

Blazing Saddles

Let’s make the cycling world welcoming to women

June 1 2019

Ever since the 1870s the humble bicycle has played a role in the emancipation of women and had an impact on their lives. For example, in its early days, the bicycle was used to make a statement about women’s rights and roles in the world as they were freed from whalebone corsets and long skirts.

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A clean bike guarantees a safe and satisfying cycle

May 25 2019

I have a certain compulsion for clean bikes. It’s not a major issue, but I do find myself feeling rather agitated when I see someone with a dirty bike. To be specific, I’m not so bothered about a mucky frame and wheels – that can easily be dealt with by a bucket of soapy water and a sponge.

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Gravel biking is the way to see more of Scotland

May 18 2019

Although seen as relatively new, gravel riding actually harks back to the creation of the bicycle. In those days the bicycle offered an opportunity to seek new adventures and horizons on unsurfaced roads and tracks. However, for modern-day riders their experience of cycling may only extend as far as mountain biking and road cycling – gravel bikes offer the best of both worlds.

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Loving the working life on a bike

May 4 2019

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job in the world of cycling. Even more so when that job allows me to travel to some of the most iconic cycling locations, work on some amazing jobs, and coach and inspire others to get involved in the sport.

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Scaling mountains by bike is a labour of love

April 20 2019

Mountains have not always been a part of cycling. It was not until the introduction of the Col du Tourmalet in the Tour de France in 1910 that the public got a chance to witness the “baroudeurs” of the road scale these impossibly high mountain passes.