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VIDEO: Taking a dook with the Phibbies

December 27 2014

Louise Dunnin’s pals think she’s bonkers. The 16-year-old loves nothing better than pulling on her swimming cossie, cap and goggles and cutting up the icy waters of the River Tay in the depths of winter.


Gordon Brown now for vow plus

February 3 2015

From the very first day 32 years ago that I became a Member of Parliament for Fife, I was engaged in fire fighting against unemployment.


Spence on Saturday: Ralph Milne, the local boy who made good

September 12 2015

Hamish stokes young men’s dreams into a burning flame’, wrote Michael Marra, the bard of Dundee. The song was in tribute to United’s legendary goalkeeper Hamish McAlpine, but could equally have been penned for another United hero, Ralph Milne, who passed away last week at the age of 54, having lost his long battle with alcohol.