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Alex Bell

Alex Bell: Plastic is choking our Earth

August 9 2018

It was used toilet paper. The scrap floated past, like seaweed. For the first swim of the holiday, it wasn’t a good start. We are promised paradise, but get partially decayed toilet paper in the salty waters of the Mediterranean.

Alex Bell

Charity begins at school

February 16 2017

I went to a posh school and despite moving house many times, they track me down and send letters asking for donations.

Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: SNP’s big Brexit problems

June 29 2017

You wonder if the speech writer who had Nicola Sturgeon say she would “reset” Indyref2 knew the law – to reset is to sell stolen goods. Not the best connotation to bring to mind.

Alex Bell

Reality bites for SNP’s case

March 10 2016

Should a man be bitten by the Brazilian Wandering Spider, he will experience multiple erections over several days. After that, too much damage means the proud days are over.