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Collectors' Corner

Rare fan causes a flap

July 22 2017

ADAM DUNCAN is a significant figure in Dundee history – and many believe his role in the wider history of the British Isles has been played down, partly due to the infatuation with Horatio Nelson of column fame – though not this one.

Collectors' Corner

Rare Aston Martin drives a hard bargain

July 1 2017

I’VE OWNED a few oddball cars in recent times – including a Morris from the 1930s, an Austin from the 50s and a basketcase from the 1970s, but never anything as grand, historic or famous as the four-wheel thunderbolt in today’s illustration.

Collectors' Corner

Golf calendar is a rare survivor

May 20 2017

I’VE SEEN heaps of Dundee-related printed ephemera and tons of local golf collectables coming – or going – under the hammer, including rare items at those record-breaking, single-themed golf memorabilia auctions at Bonham’s and Christie’s in the 1990s.

Collectors' Corner

Charming painting recalls fond scene

April 22 2017

IT IS 16 years since I mentioned Robert Gemmell Hutchison in this column. I’m amazed at this, as he is by far one of Scotland’s most popular artists, with an army of admirers on, and beyond, these shores.