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Readers' letters

Is Chris Evans worth the massive salary?

July 21 2017

Sir, - The report on BBC salaries paid to entertainers is a depressing indication of the state of society and the selfishness and unfairness that occurs when people in the public service field are left to do as they please with insufficient government regulation.

Readers' letters

Too late to stop beavers roaming Scotland

July 20 2017

Sir, - In reply to Jim Crumley’s article (July 18) on the Beauly beavers, both Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Government knew about beavers in the wild in that area as far back as 2010 when they tried to remove the Beauly and Tayside beavers.

Readers' letters

Marriage law was examined in great detail

July 14 2017

Sir, - David Robertson (letters, July 7) asserts that he and the late SNP leader Gordon Wilson warned that same-sex marriage “was being passed hastily and without due consideration, and that it would lead to the marginalisation and demonisation of those who held a Christian view of marriage”.