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Hip hip Pooh-Ray!

April 15 2017

As one of Europe's most popular tourist attractions celebrates its 25th anniversary, Damon Smith regresses to childhood to join the fun (top marks if you can spot the hidden Disney ditties!)

Travel: Canaries and Madeira

April 15 2017

Travel writer Bridget McGrouther is joining the Weekend team. She's just back from a tour of the Canary Islands and Madiera...


So glad to be grey?

April 5 2017

Older people are happier than ever, according to a new survey. Gayle Ritchie finds out how true the findings are and if asks, what are the secrets of these smiling senior citizens?


The Caribbean’s best-kept secret

April 1 2017

Gearing up for the 50 years of independence celebrations, tiny Caribbean island Anguilla is making a splash on the sunshine party scene, says Lisa Haynes