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Collectors' Corner

Charming painting recalls fond scene

April 22 2017

IT IS 16 years since I mentioned Robert Gemmell Hutchison in this column. I’m amazed at this, as he is by far one of Scotland’s most popular artists, with an army of admirers on, and beyond, these shores.

Collectors' Corner

Football programmes hard to match

February 11 2017

SPORTING MEMORABILIA has a large following. I could almost offer an A-to-Z – autographs, boxing gloves, cricket bats, and on to wrestling, xtreme sports and z-z-zzzz, the closest to exercise I get!

Collectors' Corner

Amazing McManus astrolabe

February 4 2017

FORGIVE ME if I suggest Dundee has always been European in outlook; its soldiery enlisted for the Sun Kings of France, its learned folk studied at Leiden and Leipzig, its medieval merchants traded with the Baltic ports, and Juteopolis exported its wares to the Continent.