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Readers' letters

Politicians need parental experience

June 20 2017

Sir, - That the new Taoiseach of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, who has just taken office is the gay son of a Hindu immigrant father shows quite how much the Irish Republic has changed in recent decades. And yet I can’t help feeling strong misgivings.

Readers' letters

Ninewells parking needs more thought

June 19 2017

Sir, - In reply to Councillor Fraser Macpherson (June 13) there has been no mention of who would fund the £20 million to £30 million required to buy back the car parking contract from the current operator at Ninewells Hospital.

Readers' letters

Bold SNP claims on general election victory

June 16 2017

Sir, - I was watching a summary of the general election results and there was Fiona Hyslop of the SNP claiming that the SNP had a mandate for a second independence referendum because they had “won” the election in Scotland and it was in their manifesto.