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Gizzi’s keeping busy

December 31 2016

Forget faffing around with fiddly canapes - it's time to embrace the British buffet again. Gizzi Erskine talks to Keeley Bolger about the easy way to lay on a fab festive feast

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Simply does it

October 1 2016

Food may be more trendy than ever, but Diana Henry believes we'd all be happier in the kitchen if we remembered cooking's a life skill - not a hobby. She tells Ella Walker about the inspiration behind her 10th cookbook

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I’ll always consider Jamie to be my boy

October 29 2016

He may have taught Jamie Oliver how to cook Italian, but Gennaro Contaldo's learnt an important lesson or two from his protege and friend along the way. The chirpy chef talks philosophy, bread-making and social media with Gemma Dunn

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Herbert’s home comforts

July 23 2016

He's cooked for royals and prime ministers - and now Kate Whiting makes herself at home in David Herbert's kitchen for scones and tea, to hear all about the food writer's latest book of delights

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Galetti has all the skillls

October 15 2016

As MasterChef: The Professionals' Monica Galetti releases her latest cookbook, Ella Walker gets to grip preparing artichokes and making frangipane with the formidable chef - and discovers a far sweeter side than her TV judge persona

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Nordic and nice

July 2 2016

Restaurateur Claus Meyer co-founded Copenhagen's Noma, aka the best restaurant in the world, and now he's taking on New York. Having spearheaded the New Nordic Cuisine food revolution in Denmark, he talks moving to the Big Apple and home cooking with Ella Walker

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A chef’s life isn’t as easy as people think

August 13 2016

Ping Coombes is no stranger to whipping up feasts for crowds - but at home, she happily admits to cutting corners like the rest of us. The MasterChef champ tells Gemma Dunn why we should all be a bit more realistic in the kitchen.

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Down by the river

September 24 2016

As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team present a new foodie bible of ingredients, Ella Walker tries her hand at cooking and eating the River Cottage way