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Jim Crumley

Calming balm of North Sea

June 20 2017

Poppies and whitethroats, sea sounds and eider sounds, two sea eagles – one low over the Tentsmuir pines and the other climbing a blue spiral on a warm day, a dozen dolphins pounding the waves off Crail.

Jim Crumley

Brexit is leaving sour notes

March 21 2017

One of the most telling symptoms of the crass stupidity that underpins the very idea of Britain leaving the European Union has probably escaped your notice.

Jim Crumley

Let wildlife manage wildlife

May 2 2017

The term “wildlife management”, often used in the environmental polemics of the day in reference to human manipulations, is an oxymoron. We should have learned long ago to simply leave the proper natural space, to respectfully withdraw and let wildlife manage wildlife.

Jim Crumley

Hail heroes of beaver battle

November 29 2016

When the history of nature conservation in Scotland comes to be written, the date of Thursday November 24 2016 will have a chapter all to itself.

Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley on Michael Marra: Great service to a great man

October 24 2017

The Crumleys, like the Marras, were a Lochee tribe. It’s just possible that Michael and I threw snowballs at each other when some lads from St Mary’s primary (the Mary’s) came up the hill to Ancrum Road primary (the Anky) to mix it up a bit whenever winter obliged with a decent snowfall.