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Delving into Dundee’s archives

March 11 2017

Art and design lie at the heart of the creative industries in Dundee, industries which have often been inspired by the leisure pursuits and interests of Dundee’s population.


Celebrating 150 years of McManus

December 20 2016

In 2017, The McManus celebrates its 150th anniversary. Opened in 1867 as the Albert Institute, it was designed by the renowned architect Sir George Gilbert Scott who today is best known for London’s St Pancras hotel.


At your service

July 8 2017

A new Dundee based training academy will deliver service design to the world.


Sketches in design

August 12 2017

When I was offered the chance to work on a colouring-in book with Literary Dundee and The D’arcy Thompson Zoological Museum, I leapt at the opportunity with slightly more enthusiasm and child-like glee than a 29 year old could comfortably justify.


Discovering Discovery Walk

April 1 2017

Discovery Walk is a series of illustrated bronze plaques celebrating inspiring Dundonians and individuals closely linked with Dundee who were behind some of the world's most groundbreaking discoveries.


Dundee Design Fest bigger and better

April 15 2017

Following the success of the first ever Dundee Design Festival last year, Dundee is counting down the weeks until the second Festival, which kicks off on May 24th and runs throughout the May Day holiday weekend.


Designed to give a voice to the city of Dundee

August 5 2017

Cameron Watt and Cameron Malcolm, two Dundee University students, have been inspired to set up a new project that aims to connect and emphasise the different UNESCO Cities of Design from across the globe.