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Food & Drink

Food blog: Kat Riach

September 18 2017

Meet Kat Riach, one of our new food bloggers. Kat lives in Fife and is passionate about seasonality, local produce and home cooking. This week Kat takes a look at some of autumn's bounty.


Dundee optician’s legacy to science

September 16 2017

THERE WASN’T much scope for George Lowden when he opened for business in Dundee in the 1840s as an optician and maker of instruments. Scientists elsewhere had been inspired by the presence of a comet and eclipse in the Scottish skies in 1737. But recalling his own early days, Lowden noted: “For a few years I had a hard pull to live, besides having to teach Dundee what scientific instruments were, and how to use even such a simple apparatus as a thermometer.”


Lizanne gives donkey work a whole new meaning

September 16 2017

When Lizanne Kempsell moved up to Angus to get married, she found herself living on a property that had a field attached. An empty field needed something to occupy it and before she knew it, she had her first donkey, Adieu.

Chef's Table

There’s no beating beetroot when it comes to taste and nutrition

September 16 2017

When I was a child beetroot was more of a punishment than the wonderful earthy reward that it is today. All kids in the 80s knew that beetroot was something that grew in jars far, far away. If you were posh your mum would buy the crinkle slices and it served no purpose other than to destroy your taste buds and colour everything it touched - including the rest of your food. Hands up if you remember purple chips!


A dream come true for Joe McElderry

September 15 2017

Donning the world’s most famous coat is a dream come true for Joe McElderry. The X Factor winner is playing the title role in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat and, despite it being his first major theatrical appearance, his performance has earned him top reviews and standing ovations up and down the country.


Boo’s new craft is a cut above the rest

September 9 2017

Forget adult colouring books – papercutting is the new craze. And local artist Boo Paterson has been creating works out of paper since she was a child, attracted by its texture, strength and adaptability.

Chef's Table

Don’t just save fruit for dessert

September 9 2017

From tart blackberries to sweet strawberries and juicy peaches fruit obviously lends itself to desserts: fruit pies, crumbles, compote cake, fruit in ice cream ... the list goes on, says Garry Watson, chef proprietor of Gordon's Restaurant in Inverkeilor.