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Jenny Hjul

There’s no leadership for No

February 15 2017

The date for the next Scottish independence referendum may not have been set yet but there is little doubt that the Nationalists are already in campaign mode.

Jenny Hjul

Govern and stop protesting

October 12 2016

This week’s conference is crunch time for the SNP and there is a growing acceptance among party elders that they have reached a crossroads.

Jenny Hjul

A financial plan to take seriously

January 27 2016

Scotland is to get extensive tax raising powers next year, as part of the consolation prize Westminster gave the Nationalists after they lost the independence referendum nearly 18 months ago.

Jenny Hjul

Kezia presides over a mess

November 4 2015

There was a photograph in some of Monday’s newspapers of Kezia Dugdale looking even younger than her 34 years. Tough as she must be to have wanted to lead the Scottish Labour Party, there is, nevertheless, a hint of fragility about her.

Jenny Hjul

Nationalists’ petty priorities

January 6 2016

The campaign for May’s Scottish election started before the holidays, with opinion polls and political charm offensives. However, this week the battle became serious.

Jenny Hjul

Cybernats need reining in

October 28 2015

Was Scotland damaged by last year’s independence referendum? The answer to this depends on what side of the argument you were (are) on.

Jenny Hjul

Secret weapon or unguided missile?

February 4 2015

With Labour trailing the SNP in the polls, and apparently on course to lose most of its Scottish seats in the general election, it was a relief to learn that the party had a secret weapon, and a rather big gun at that.

Jenny Hjul

SNP’s iron grip gets tighter

December 23 2015

Scotland will have one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world when measures enshrined in the new Scotland Bill come into force in 2016.