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Alex Bell

Alex Bell: Give girls a break, please

September 20 2018

The unhappiness of young girls is a tragedy and a crisis. We have created a social structure which is unduly tough on adolescents, for no obvious purpose. The young were once under pressure to find work, marry or help the family – as these old economic forces die away, so Scotland should reinvent childhood.

Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: It’s all pie in the sky, Nicola

September 6 2018

American politics has given us many things. The first opinion polls, the observation that “all politics is local” and the remark “politics is showbusiness for ugly people”. It also gave a name to politics which was so pleasing it was hard to object to: motherhood and apple pie.

Alex Bell

Alex Bell: Dithering rather than doing

August 23 2018

This week a Downing Street Communications thumb tweeted a poll showing that while 1.9 million voters had converted from Brexit to Remain, 2.4 million had gone the other way. Robbie Gibb added that talk of a second vote did not help negotiations with Brussels.

Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: Choose honesty on drugs

June 21 2018

Drug policy is a verb which declines like this – I’m just having fun, you should just say no – but we all want to just get off our faces. It is individual sanctimony versus the human urge to get out of it.