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Oh my word

Can you name the nine parts of speech?

April 2 2019

This will separate the young from the more seasoned among Courier readers. The question is: can you name the nine parts of speech? For some of us, that question evokes memories of schooldays. For whippersnappers, it is often met merely with an inability to understand the question.

Oh my word

OH MY WORD: Do you know anyone who is an Alec?

August 5 2019

A few weeks ago, we discussed idiolects, the words and phrases you habitually use, and the favourite crutch-phrases and words that hold up the speech of those around us. You also have a familect. Or, more precisely, you take part in not just one familect but several.

Oh my word

What on earth is a nat-gih?

July 14 2019

A few weeks ago I became involved in the modern phenomena of podcasting. The podcast isn't about language, however, it discusses household tips. Nowadays the young would call them “life hacks”, but I refuse to countenance such a silly neologism.

Oh my word

Why I like the sound of Team UK

April 16 2019

Despite the plangent clamour that passes as Brexit debate, I am slightly surprised to find myself a little in love with one of the terms widely circulated in these past few weeks. I think the term “Team UK” is a very interesting construct.

Oh my word

Is the spread of Gaelic inexorable?

February 27 2019

Language is a tool, an implement. Used in a certain way you might even describe it as a weapon. It can shape the way you think, perhaps without you realising it is doing so.