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Restaurant Reviews

Tahini, Dundee (41/50)

October 14 2017

We all have so much choice when it comes to food. Shall we eat in or out? Where shall we eat? What shall we choose? How would we like that cooked? Would we like any side orders with that? This week, we did choose to eat at Tahini, but aside from that, the decisions were taken out of our hands and it made a really refreshing change.

Restaurant Reviews

The Cafe at The Crieff Food Co (41/50)

October 7 2017

As consumers, we are constantly being reminded that we should "shop local".  This is clearly not always possible as my daughter is partial to a banana which I can't source from this continent, and I admit I'm rather fond a Chilean Merlot. Having said that, Scotland is bursting full of the most outstanding produce, and The Crieff Food Co has recently opened to showcase Perthshire's finest.

Restaurant Reviews

Tabla, Perth (42/50)

September 23 2017

On a Friday night - well, actually on any night of the week - when we've had a hard day, Mr Kerry and I will order a carry out curry.  We know what we'll order without looking at the menu, we know there'll be some left for breakfast and we know we'll both be loosening our belts and complaining that we shouldn't have had that last chunk of keema naan.

Restaurant Reviews

The Tinsmith (36/50)

September 16 2017

On my culinary adventures across Scotland, I have eaten some spectacular food and try to always sample the speciality of the region or particular restaurant.  Throughout the years, however, there is one "delicacy" that I just haven't got around to tasting - the deep fried Mars Bar.  I noticed it on a menu in the centre of Dundee and I was sold - I just had to try it.

Restaurant Reviews

The Steak Barn at Balgove Larder (40/50)

September 9 2017

With the rise of trendy and hipster places to eat where bare pipes and industrial lighting are a fashion accessory rather than a necessity, one could be forgiven for thinking that all examples of rustic chic are now contrived as they create the desired 'look'.  Recently, though, I visited a place where these creative features were organic, original and all the more cool because of it.

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Cafe Byzantium, Monikie (37/50)

August 19 2017

My faithful black labrador, Riley, is used to being taken anywhere and everywhere.  He hops eagerly into the car as soon as the boot is open and has so far been enthusiastic about everywhere he's been.  I am, however, always on the lookout for places to go that he will truly love and Monikie Park seemed to fit the bill and it just so happens, there is a Mediterranean cafe I have been meaning to try right in the middle of it.

Restaurant Reviews

Tony Macaroni, Dundee (40/50)

August 12 2017

Just as we are told not to judge a book by its cover, it may also be ill advised to judge a restaurant by its name.  Some are intriguing yet reveal nothing about their cuisine and some are really quite dull and simply named after their street or location.