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First Drive: Audi’s Q5 55 TFSI e is an efficient take on a premium SUV

December 2 2019

What is it? It’s easy to understand why car manufacturers are combining hybrid technology and SUVs. The interest in both, after all, is at a fever pitch – so it makes sense to amalgamate the two. One of the latest examples is the Q5 55 TFSI e – the car we’re testing today – and it’s been designed to offer everything people love about a mid-sized SUV with the lower running costs that an electrified powertrain theoretically brings.

First Drive: McLaren’s GT offers a new approach to the traditional grand tourer

September 17 2019

What is it? When you think of McLaren, what comes to mind? Most likely it’ll be a razor-edged supercar, be-winged and bellowing, all low-flying splitters and carbon-backed bucket seats. For the most part that’s true, but to tap into the lucrative grand tourer segment, the Woking-based firm has introduced this – the GT.

First Drive: Can MG break into the SUV mainstream with the new HS?

October 10 2019

What is it? Despite being resurrected by the Chinese firm SAIC Motor in 2007, MG has been out of the limelight in terms of new cars and, as of this summer, only three cars were on sale in the UK – the 3 supermini, the ZS compact crossover and its electric alternative.