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Collectors' Corner

Medal tells of Polish valour

May 12 2018

VISIT ANY high street and a Polish voice will seldom be far distant. With over 900,000 now living in the UK, Poles are Britain’s largest foreign-born community. Additionally, there are countless descendants of the over 200,000 Poles who settled here after the Second World War.

Collectors' Corner

Dundee money box was a gift to bakery workers

May 5 2018

WE KNOW our High Streets are suffering. Retailers large and small are pulling down shutters and closing up. The service sector, however, often steps in to fill the gaps – particularly, it seems to me, fast-food outlets, hairdressers, nail bars and coffee shops.

Collectors' Corner

Highly regarded painter offers a snapshot of the times

April 7 2018

THE LOWER ground-floor area of Perth Museum – my favourite place – is where the city’s permanent art collection finds a home. A handful of Old Masters grace the left-hand wall, including the magnificent maybe-Caravaggio Prometheus, while the free spirit right-hand surface is presently hung with oil paintings of Perth.