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Champion swimmer Sandy’s living life in the fast lane

June 17 2017

Watching Sandy Galletly powering through the water it’s hard to believe that this toned swimmer is in his mid-seventies. Taught to swim by his mum when he was just eight, he showed a flair for the sport and the intervening years have seen him transform from a water baby to champion swimmer.


Let’s talk science, says Alan Alda

June 17 2017

M*A*S*H was essential viewing in my house when I was a teenager in the late 1970s. Every week for 11 years, viewers faithfully tuned in to the black comedy about the medical team stationed at a fictional US mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War.

Blazing Saddles

Electric bikes take the hard work out of cycling

June 10 2017

Sitting in a café last week, mid-ride, the owner asked how far we were cycling today. I replied nonchalantly: “60 miles”. She smiled and said she could never cycle that far. When I told her she would be surprised how far she could actually cycle if she built up to it to, she replied that she had thought about getting an electric bike (e-bike), but hadn’t pursued this as she thought it was cheating.

House & Home

Al fresco dining: a moveable feast

June 10 2017

From sporting events to festivals and fetes – along with those alfresco lunches and dinners you can finally enjoy now the sun’s out – June is THE month for venturing outdoors to eat, drink and be (warmly) merry.