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Helen Brown: Hair’s to fair pay and firm chests

June 8 2018

Sisters, it would appear, are doing it for themselves. Or at least, taking a leaf out of the men’s somewhat naughty book and getting all lascivious (or las-vicious, as I once heard it described) about the physical attributes of attractive young men (ie ogling the shirt off Poldark’s Aidan Turner who has once more got his pecs out for the ladies).


It’s bottoms up when you have coffee with Gwyneth

January 12 2018

You’ve got to love Gwyneth Paltrow, haven’t you? She always comes up with the goods. It’s not enough for her to be content with getting engaged again. Although in the phraseology of the woman who called her previous divorce a “conscious uncoupling”, she’s not just getting engaged again. She’s “pursuing the soul-stretching opportunities” offered by a second crack at wedded bliss. And this in a world where it’s often claimed that unattached 45-year-old women are more likely to be hit by an asteroid than hit on (in a good way) by a man with his own hair, teeth and a pulse.