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UK Drive: Updated Audi R8 V10 Performance amplifies style and power

November 27 2019

What is it? The Audi R8 has long made a name for itself as the everyday supercar. When the first generation hit the streets in 2006, critics said it wasn’t special or exciting enough to rival the likes of Porsche, with its subtle styling and an interior arguably not far off a well-specced Audi hatchback.


The best limited-edition cars of all time

November 29 2019

Yes, conventional cars are all well and good, but sometimes rare, limited-edition models just tickle our fancy a little more. Ultra-sought after and therefore a little more special than ‘regular’ models, these cars have consistently set the motoring world alight.


Explained: car companion apps

November 28 2019

The popular saying ‘there’s an app for that’ has never been truer – even in the automotive world. These days, pretty much every car manufacturer offers a smartphone app that lets you control vehicle functions without being inside the car.