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Restaurant Reviews

Gallery 48, Dundee (45/50)

July 3 2016

They say, in spite of our current, rather more than little local difficulties with the European Union, that if most people were asked what nationality they would like to be in a perfect world, they would say Italian. Partly because of the sunshine, the culture, the beauty of its cities and coasts, the charm of its people – and its food.

Restaurant Reviews

Ailean Chraggan Hotel, Weem (43/50)

April 30 2016

Having been run by the same family for decades, “The Chraggs”, as this place is affectionately known, has become an institution for both locals and tourists visiting Aberfeldy and the surrounding Loch Tay area.

Restaurant Reviews

Lands of Loyal Hotel, Alyth (39/50)

March 21 2016

The Lands of Loyal Hotel on the outskirts of Alyth has a fascinating history, dating back to its birth in the mid-19th Century as the home of a local aristocrat and military man, who saw action at the battle of Waterloo but came home to live out his days in style in the peace of his native Perthshire.