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Restaurant Reviews

The Italian Grill, Dundee (39/50)

November 17 2018

The season of celebration is creeping up on us and the closer it gets, the more sociable I feel. Office parties start appearing, girlie catch-ups are being scheduled and dare I say it, I picked up some festive wrapping paper on special offer the other day.

Restaurant Reviews

Gather Kitchen & Deli, Carnoustie (39/50)

June 2 2018

We in Courier country are surrounded by a wealth of lovely independent places to go for lunch. We don't necessarily need to choose a favourite, we could visit a different one each week for years. Each establishment has its own quirks and selling points and this week, I ate at Gather in Kitchen & Deli to see what their character was bringing to Carnoustie.

Restaurant Reviews

The Grange Inn, St Andrews (39/50)

May 12 2018

On a bright and sunny day in April, a friend and I took a drive from Dundee, over the Tay Bridge, through St Andrews, and a mere five minutes after leaving the famous town, we arrived at our destination - The Grange Inn. It did not seem possible that, in this short distance, we could have gained so much altitude as the views from the car park alone are something to behold.

Restaurant Reviews

Port na Craig, Pitlochry (37/50)

May 5 2018

When people visit from out of the area, I am always keen to show off this incredible country in all its glory. We are clearly spoilt for choice when it comes to places to see but I often return to Pitlochry as its quaint high street is always a hit and there are a few great places to eat.

Restaurant Reviews

Gidi Grill, City Quay, Dundee (42/50)

June 23 2018

This was another week I had the pleasure of visiting one of Dundee's newest restaurants. We are so lucky that in this time of regeneration, places are popping up all over the place and the Gidi Grill in City Quay offers something a little bit different.