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Nature Watch

Fishing the electric way

June 23 2018

A flash of silver in the swirling pool. A cry goes out: “There’s one, there’s one!” Up scoops the net and within its mesh lies a glistening salmon parr.

Nature Watch

Naturally diverse Tentsmuir

November 24 2018

Tentsmuir, a place of broad horizons and rolling seas, and out on a tidal lagoon a scattering of resting oystercatchers, their long red bills firmly tucked under their wings as they slept.

Nature Watch

Forgotten forest

July 7 2018

I was gliding over Scotland’s forgotten forest; a tangled mass of gently waving kelp and a place as rich and diverse in wildlife as any environment imaginable.

Nature Watch

Visiting Dollar glen

August 11 2018

A light pale fluttering of under-wings in the oak canopy above me – a small butterfly, but of a type unknown to me, flying purposefully through the branches, turning for a moment to reveal darker top-wings before disappearing into the foliage.

Nature Watch

Going cuckoo

June 16 2018

Warm breeze against evening sky, gently caressing the rolling Perthshire hills. But the soft rush of wind is soon broken by an almost hypnotic call – ‘coo-koo, coo-koo, coo-koo’ – a sound that seems to penetrate every fold and gully of the hillside.

Nature Watch

Shetland’s wildlife magic

December 1 2018

Orcas, or killer whales as they are often known, hunt in groups. Those in Scottish waters that live offshore tend to hunt herring and mackerel, whilst inshore populations will take seals and seabirds.

Nature Watch

Hedgehog spotting

September 1 2018

I’m sitting in the garden at dusk, the damp air hanging heavy from recent rain. A bat twirls by the leafy fringes of a sycamore, repeatedly sweeping towards the foliage before fluttering out again as it hunts for flying insects.