Building the house of the future

January 7 2017

Ninety per cent of architecture writing and research is about cities. We’ve lost focus on the countryside and how we deal with rural hinterland.


Looking back on Dundee’s design highlights

December 31 2016

As celebratory years go, 2016 was a perfect storm of design for Dundee. It was the first of our Dundee Design Festivals in West Ward Works, the Festival of Architecture with the finale in Dundee and lots of excellent new activity such as Make-Share from Creative Dundee - and it all fell under the unwieldy umbrella of the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design


Celebrating 150 years of McManus

December 20 2016

In 2017, The McManus celebrates its 150th anniversary. Opened in 1867 as the Albert Institute, it was designed by the renowned architect Sir George Gilbert Scott who today is best known for London’s St Pancras hotel.


Steaming forward with Dundee Train Station

December 17 2016

Scotland’s railways are undergoing a radical reinvention and investment and Dundee railway station is part of that story – but it’s also a huge part of the reinvention of the city, of the whole Waterfront and of that central area.


Hearing technology differently

December 10 2016

Forty years ago, Gunpei Yokoi, a product engineer for Nintendo, sat on a commuter train in Kyoto and watched a fellow passenger idly while away the journey by playing with the buttons on a pocket calculator.