Family Matters

Family Matters

Understanding Coeliac Disease: The comic with a serious message

May 18 2019

A special public information comic aims to help raise awareness of coeliac disease, a serious but often overlooked condition. The body’s immune system reacts to gluten, a protein found in food containing wheat, barley and rye, making the body attack itself. One in 100 people have coeliac disease but half a million people in the UK and over 36,000 people in Scotland are undiagnosed.


SPONSORED: Great reasons to visit the Axe Throwing Open at Scone Palace on 5th May

April 26 2019

Centuries ago, Scone Palace was a hive of medieval activity, and this May bank holiday it will return to those historical roots with the Braveheart Scottish Axe Throwing Open taking place on the palace lawns on Sunday 5th May. Sports such as axe throwing and medieval combat have become increasingly popular over recent years due to the huge success of television series Game of Thrones and Vikings.

Family Matters

5 ways to boost your workout

February 14 2019

You know your routine by heart and train the same days every week – sound familiar? To help you smash your PB, we asked a team of experts for the best ways to ramp up your fitness no matter what your workout is, from running and cycling to swimming and lifting. It’s time to step it up...

Family Matters

Ho ho, yoga fans!  

February 7 2019

It might be something that many take very seriously, but it comes to yoga practice there’s no need to force a straight face, as Deborah Durbin discovered at a rather unconventional class