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Amber Lights

Working out the true origin of whiskies

January 7 2016

One aspect of the Scotch industry that I find amusing is how so many whiskies – mainly blends, I must add – are apparently bottled by obscure whisky firms that vanished years ago but whose names still appear on the bottles, usually in small print at the bottom of the reverse-side label.

Restaurant Reviews

Monachyle Mhor (45.5/50)

January 7 2016

Monachyle Mhor is off the beaten track. It is not somewhere I would have stumbled across had it not been for many friends speaking so highly of it after special overnight trips there as well as creating many happy memories at the summer music and food festival held on the estate each summer.

Food & Drink

Jamie Scott’s ingredients for success

January 7 2016

Anyone who has had a meal at The Newport in the eponymous Fife village will know that not only do you get heavenly food, the taste of which lingers on the palate for hours, but you also get a generous helping of Jamie himself. Flitting between kitchen and restaurant, chatting to diners and talking them through the ingredients of an immaculately prepared dish, this hands-on approach and passion for the food he works with are the key ingredients of his success.


Thyme at Errichel, by Aberfeldy (44/50)

January 3 2016

After a week staying in a self-catering holiday cottage at Errichel Farm, around a mile south of Aberfeldy, we had fallen in love with the magnificent views, walks and fresh air.