Food & Drink

Chef's Table

Make the most of vegetables

September 10 2016

As summer turns to autumn, it’s a good chance to make the most of the season’s vegetables, says Garry Watson, chef proprietor of Gordon's Restaurant in Inverkeilor.

Page To Plate

Don’t limit yourself with things you love

September 10 2016

Food intolerances forced Olivia Wollenberg to overhaul her diet. But, as she tells Kate Whiting - and as her ever-growing batch of raw and free-from recipes prove - they don't have to mean missing out on the sweet stuff

Family Feeds

Tipsy Cow, Kirkcaldy

September 7 2016

What is it? A fairly recent addition to the town’s restaurant scene, it’s a burger bar and eaterie at the far end of Kirkcaldy’s High Street.

Restaurant Reviews

East Pier Smokehouse, St Monans (42/50)

September 3 2016

The East Pier Smokehouse does what it says on the tin. It’s a haven for the best of locally caught fish and seafood. There’s also a guiding ethos that if it’s edible, they can smoke it. And in this little shop and eatery perched on the edge of the water, they do just that, often to terrific effect.

Wine Guide

Partners in wine

August 27 2016

The couple who drink together, stay together, say scientists. But what happens if you have very different palates? Sam Wylie-Harris suggests some winemakers who can satisfy everyone