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Fruitful use for grape scissors

November 5 2016

THE SCONE PALACE Antiques & Fine Art Fair takes place next weekend (November 11-13) and tying in my notes to the information supplied by Galloway Antiques Fairs, which runs the event, this is the 41st time the palace has hosted the fair.


Sailing in the woods

November 3 2016

The long flank of Grimmstane eases into view through the ancient trees like a ship emerging out of mist.


Large plants for impact

October 29 2016

We try to create beauty in our gardens with flowers, shrubs, trees, beautiful lawns, meandering paths leading to quiet tranquil spots where we can relax away from our daily stresses.


Escaping to the countryside

October 27 2016

With its bedroom in the attic and accessed from a spiral stair in the living room, Moonzie Cottage isn’t for those who like the conventional layout of modern housing developments.