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Man with two dogs

Dining in memory lane

September 30 2017

I bought a Selkirk bannock in our favourite farm shop in deepest Aberdeenshire. Seeing it lying in a basket brought back childhood memories of visiting my Loanhead aunties (outside Edinburgh) who often had it on the table for high tea.

Man with two dogs

Going Forth to new horizons

September 2 2017

Victim of sea winds and salt spray, the ruined chapel and graveyard of St Skae stands atop a rocky headland looking over the North Sea known to Montrosians as the Elephant Rock. I keep an eye out for it whenever I take the train from Montrose to Edinburgh.

Man with two dogs

Singing nature’s sweet praises

July 29 2017

They say it’s not a good idea to take your religion from hymns, but some are absolute belters and you feel better for singing them. Once in a while, a hymn resonates with my own experience, such as this one I sang last Sunday.

Man with two dogs

The water ran red in the Great Glen

July 15 2017

The Caledonian Canal is one of the great waterways of Europe, built by Thomas Telford, one of Scotland’s greatest engineers. Running north-east to south-west, it connects the east coast at Inverness with the west coast at Corpach, near Fort William, at the head of Loch Linnhe.

Man with two dogs

Bordering on the unbelievable

June 24 2017

The week has seemed a bit ordinary after last weekend, which the Doyenne and I spent with son James and his family at Peebles, in part to celebrate a grandson’s 18th birthday. James usually finds an interesting diversion to entertain us when we visit.