Man with two dogs

Man with two dogs

Doggone it: What’s with the insults?

December 9 2017

There are seasons in the Doyenne’s year when her kitchen takes on the steamy atmosphere of the witches’ cave in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. Late summer and early autumn is the season for jams and jellies made from the wild rasps and brambles and other hedgerow glories that I pick for her. January is homemade marmalade season.

Man with two dogs

We interfere with nature at our peril

December 2 2017

The Doyenne and I have been entertaining her New Zealand niece and her fiancé, who we were meeting for the first time. We had ideas of interesting places to go but a month living out of suitcases saw Claire and Graham opt to stay close to home so we spent an informative morning at the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre.

Man with two dogs

Time travelling and flying fish

November 4 2017

We woke up on Monday to our first frosted grass, frozen windscreen morning of autumn and by the time Inka and I went out for the early walk the clouds had rolled away and the sun was shining in a cornflower blue sky.

Man with two dogs

Dining in memory lane

September 30 2017

I bought a Selkirk bannock in our favourite farm shop in deepest Aberdeenshire. Seeing it lying in a basket brought back childhood memories of visiting my Loanhead aunties (outside Edinburgh) who often had it on the table for high tea.