Nature Watch

Nature Watch

Sanderling spotting

January 20 2018

By the edge of this sandy bay at Earlsferry, the sanderlings dodged in amongst the surf on pattering feet, following the flow of the sea as it receded and quickly retreating up the beach again as the rolling water surged back.

Nature Watch

The call of the curlew

November 4 2017

The rippling call of the curlew burbled across the mudflats, carrying far in the air like a piece of nature’s sweet music; a gift from the gods and the very echo of life.

Nature Watch

Ducking into Tentsmuir

October 7 2017

There is no such thing as an ugly duck but if there were to be a beauty contest among the different species found in Scotland then I reckon the long-tailed duck would be right up there towards the top.


When ravens just want to have fun

September 23 2017

Up and down go the crazy ravens in looping undulations, some of the birds suddenly splitting off into pairs to engage in their own sweeping aerobatics before joining the main group again.

Nature Watch

Serene September: butterflies and a gentle waning sun

September 16 2017

September air, so clear and fair; a time of swansongs for some creatures whilst others – such as several types of geese  –  will be hitting our shores over the next few weeks as they leave their northern breeding grounds to seek respite from the rapidly approaching arctic winter.

Nature Watch


August 19 2017

Scottish bluebells, or harebells are they are also known, are putting on a fine show just now with their nodding pastel blue flowers adorning our hill pastures and glens.