Nature Watch

Nature Watch

Kites flying high

October 13 2018

The buzzard sitting in the grassy field ducked its head, then ducked again, as a procession of red kites swooped down upon it, one after another as if in concerted attack.

Nature Watch

Life’s a beech

September 29 2018

Down by the river there is a fallen beech tree of such massive girth that it must have made a most striking impression upon the landscape before it tumbled to the ground a couple of decades or so ago.

Nature Watch

Rich wildlife of the Lomond Hills

September 22 2018

Sunshine, showers and a rainbow arching over Strathmiglo; a picture perfect reflection of a Scottish autumn as we sat on the summit of West Lomond following a leisurely hike up from Holl reservoir near Leslie.

Nature Watch

Mushroom hunting in Rannoch Forest

September 8 2018

Mist swirling over the treetops of Rannoch Forest and the drizzle pit-pattering on my cap, making it a day to cast the eyes downwards as I seek out late summer flowers by this Perthshire track edge.

Nature Watch

Hedgehog spotting

September 1 2018

I’m sitting in the garden at dusk, the damp air hanging heavy from recent rain. A bat twirls by the leafy fringes of a sycamore, repeatedly sweeping towards the foliage before fluttering out again as it hunts for flying insects.

Nature Watch

Visiting Dollar glen

August 11 2018

A light pale fluttering of under-wings in the oak canopy above me – a small butterfly, but of a type unknown to me, flying purposefully through the branches, turning for a moment to reveal darker top-wings before disappearing into the foliage.

Nature Watch

Searching for sand martins

August 4 2018

I came with high hopes but was ultimately shocked when I reached the wide curve of the river and saw for the first time the long sandy cut by the far edge of the water.