Nature Watch

Secrets of the wildwood

January 26 2019

As well as Strathspey, crested tits occur in pine woodlands on the coastal plain of the Moray Firth, Easter Ross and south-east Sutherland. There are an estimated 1,000 – 2,000 breeding pairs in Scotland.

Take A Hike

Walking the milky way

January 26 2019

Regular readers of Take a Hike will be aware of my fascination with the histories of old paths, whether they be former drove roads through the glens, coffin roads linking scattered communities to their kirks or military routes built to quell uprisings in the Highlands.

Nature Watch

Perfect kestrels

January 19 2019

Kestrels can be found in a wide variety of habitats, including moorland, farmland, coastal cliffs and in our towns and cities. The field vole is its preferred prey.

Blazing Saddles

When the going gets tough, the best cycle rides are to be had

January 12 2019

Off-Road CC recently voted Scotland’s own Strathpuffer mountain bike endurance race, which takes place next weekend near Contin, as one of the 11 toughest mountain bike or gravel events in the world. Alongside it are events such as the Tour Divide, The Yak Attack and another Scottish event, the Highland Trail 550.