Nature Watch

Mushroom hunting in Rannoch Forest

September 8 2018

Mist swirling over the treetops of Rannoch Forest and the drizzle pit-pattering on my cap, making it a day to cast the eyes downwards as I seek out late summer flowers by this Perthshire track edge.

Blazing Saddles

Why not recycle that bicycle?

September 8 2018

When you make a journey by bike rather than by a motorised vehicle there is a certain expectation that you are doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Nature Watch

Hedgehog spotting

September 1 2018

I’m sitting in the garden at dusk, the damp air hanging heavy from recent rain. A bat twirls by the leafy fringes of a sycamore, repeatedly sweeping towards the foliage before fluttering out again as it hunts for flying insects.