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Cat’s got the views licked

March 18 2017

Standing above the juncture where Glen Prosen emerges from the hills to meet the flat agricultural plains of Strathmore, the gently rounded slopes of Cat Law rise to a fine viewpoint, proffering vistas over both Highlands and Lowlands.

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Climbing from the Tay to a tower

March 11 2017

In life, there is an easy way to do something, and a hard way. The easiest way to reach the top of Kinnoull Hill is from the Forestry Commission’s Jubilee Car park, which lies to the east. The hard way is from Perth, in the west, ascending along the top of a dramatic, craggy escarpment.

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A foray through north Fife

March 4 2017

Long distance trails are a great way to explore the landscape. Equally, they offer useful links between communities, links that can either be walked on their own or incorporated into other outings.

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Shake, rock and roll by the river

February 25 2017

Sometimes turbulent, sometimes tranquil, the River North Esk always seeks to surprise. Rising in the rugged upper reaches of Glen Esk, the insistent ebb and flow streams down through Angus to enter the North Sea at Montrose Bay.

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A walk that is anything but dull

February 18 2017

General George Wade’s network of military roads opened up the Highlands in the first half of the 18th century, enabling government troops to move swiftly through the mountains and glens.

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Finding forts in the forest

February 11 2017

Overlooking the meeting point of the Tay and Earn valleys, Moncreiffe Hill has a long history of settlement, dating back to the Iron Age when not one but two forts were constructed on its slopes.

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From footplate to foot steps

February 4 2017

The Dundee to Newtyle railway was one of Scotland’s earliest lines, a pioneering link that cut through the Sidlaw Hills. Built to transport goods into the city from the fertile lands of Strathmore, it opened in 1831.

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Doing the Law justice

January 28 2017

Fife is not overly blessed with hills. Away from the tapering eastern end of the Ochils and the Lomonds, where West Lomond stands proud as the highest point in the kingdom, summits are scant and scattered.

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All roads lead to Redmyre

January 21 2017

I always try and avoid spending too much time walking on roads, preferring the satisfying crunch of gravel or the soft yield of grassy slopes below my boots.

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Go west to spot a birdie or two

January 14 2017

Come rain or shine, the West Sands in St Andrews always draws visitors. In the height of summer, it is a popular spot with sun worshippers, holidaymakers, surfers, sand yachts and kite buggies. In the depths of winter, hardy walkers, runners and horse riders proliferate.