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On the t-rail of a Scottish icon

June 25 2016

The Forth Rail Bridge is an iconic Scottish landmark, a colossus of Victorian civil engineering, impressive from all angles. I have travelled across the structure, viewing it from the carriage window, and observed it from the neighbouring road bridge.

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To the Birks and beyond

June 19 2016

The Birks of Aberfeldy must surely rank as one of the most popular walks in Perthshire. The steep-sided, heavily wooded gorge and its tumbling waterfalls have been drawing visitors for over 200 years and, if my time there is anything to go by, their popularity shows no sign of waning.

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Munro magic on the Mounth

June 11 2016

The A93 ski road through Glen Shee offers access to an enticing array of mountains, including (thanks to the route’s elevation at The Cairnwell) some of the most accessible Munros in the country.

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Hiking over hilly highways

June 4 2016

Amulree may feel a wee bit off the beaten track today but it was once a much busier spot, sitting on the intersection of two historic drove roads and later one of General George Wade’s military routes.

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An uncommonly good day out

May 28 2016

Auchtermuchty is one of the few burghs in Fife to retain its common grazing grounds, a swathe of grassland and meadow above the town where wildflowers and wildlife proliferate during the summer months.

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Plenty to see from Seamab Hill

May 21 2016

Seamab Hill may not have the stature of some of its neighbours but it is one of the more prominent peaks in the Ochil Hills. Standing guard over the entrance to Glen Devon, this local landmark grabbed my attention on an earlier visit to the area.

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The secret world of the Griffin

May 14 2016

Griffin Forest is a huge tract of commercial woodland cloaking upland slopes to the south of Aberfeldy. In more recent years, a vast wind farm has sprouted up above the conifers. However, tucked away amongst the trees and turbines hidden gems like Loch Kennard invite exploration.