Alex Bell

Alex Bell

Reality bites for SNP’s case

March 10 2016

Should a man be bitten by the Brazilian Wandering Spider, he will experience multiple erections over several days. After that, too much damage means the proud days are over.

Alex Bell

Donald Trump is not the problem

March 3 2016

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, sang Frank Sinatra in New York, New York, a song that used to end every 18th and 21st birthday party in Ireland. It wasn’t just the Irish who yearned to go west we all did, enamoured by American plenty and American violence.

Alex Bell

What we need to ask on EU

February 18 2016

If you are going to host a feast, then don’t serve crumbs. We have a referendum on Europe a subject so marvellous, corrupt and necessary it should offer an orgy of ideas.

Alex Bell

Indyref zombies are everywhere

January 21 2016

We are surrounded by zombies. The living dead from the referendum. Not just individuals but whole institutions, gripped by old arguments and incapable of new thought about the future.

Alex Bell

Is a bank crash on its way?

January 14 2016

Alex Bell is a former head of policy to Alex Salmond in the Scottish Government and a journalist of 30 years’ standing. Here he begins a new weekly column for The Courier.