Alex Bell

Alex Bell

Fracking facts well hidden

May 12 2016

In politics, an academic who agrees with you is an “expert” while a professor who argues with you is a “maverick”. Facts make politicians sound wise – any speech which can drift into a middle section referencing a scientific paper, then some snappy statistics, is the mark of a serious contender.

Alex Bell

We are a changed nation

April 21 2016

The SNP are like the political wing of the Rotary Club. There is something irrefutably nice and well-meaning about them. The SNP manifesto is out and it’s their best – detailed, considered and focused on important issues.

Alex Bell

Are we shameless too?

March 31 2016

We are witnessing a squabble between people who don’t really disagree, about a narrow range of policies, on the assumption Scotland is doing just fine.