Jenny Hjul

Jenny Hjul

There is nothing in cabinet reshuffle to suggest that anything has changed

November 26 2014

Scotland’s new First Minister has been much lauded over the past few days for being the only woman ever to hold her job, for appointing a gender-balanced cabinet, for whipping up the massed ranks of her supporters into a frenzy at a rock concert-style gathering in Glasgow. A newspaper launched to promote Scottish nationalism hails “a bright, brand new Scotland”, as if there had been a revolution or, at the very least, a change of government.

Jenny Hjul

Why would anyone take on such a thankless task?

October 29 2014

There was a headline in one of the papers on Monday advertising a strange job. “Wanted: self-starter to climb 3,000ft every day.” The role involves scaling, daily, the summit of the treacherous Helvellyn in the Lake District to report on weather conditions and the successful applicant will be paid between £21,394 and £25,240. Oh, and it’s just a winter job, from December to April.

Jenny Hjul

The only way to tackle the dearth of opportunity is through education . . .

October 15 2014

One of the main claims of the SNP, and the Yes movement in general, was that it would use Scotland’s wealth to make the country a fairer society. Well, the good news for all those who support such a goal and who wouldn’t? is that the nationalist government at Holyrood can still fulfil this ambition, despite losing the independence argument.