Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley

JIM CRUMLEY: Of poetry and memory

April 10 2018

I was back in Glen Doll at the weekend, walking with a Scots Magazine group, and found it looking like winter but feeling like spring, that typical Highland brew that materialises whenever the frontiers of these two seasons rub up against each other. But, for me, the trouble with travelling to Glen Doll is having to drive through Glen Clova without stopping. It’s a bit like having to drive through Skye simply to catch the ferry to Harris, except Glen Clova has a place in my heart of hearts claimed by no other landscape.

Jim Crumley

JIM CRUMLEY: How nature confounds us

March 13 2018

A kestrel slips from the crown of an ageing ash tree that appears to have rooted in a singularly steep scree slope halfway up the hill. It side-slips on the air, leading with the open primary feathers of its left wing and eases up to a hovering standstill above a small clearing of grassy hillside amid crowding whin bushes.

Jim Crumley

JIM CRUMLEY: Let us hope badgers endure despite our terrible treatment

March 6 2018

I have been reading the runes in some of the quieter backwaters where agriculture and nature cohabit (and sometimes annoy each other the way neighbours sometimes do). And having read and thought about what I’d read, a troubling question began to take shape in my mind: how long will it be before the British Government starts culling badgers in Scotland as part of what passes for its strategy to control bovine TB in England?

Jim Crumley

JIM CRUMLEY: This isn’t natural selection

February 27 2018

If you are minded to select an official body to champion the cause of trees at a world-famous beauty spot, I would venture to suggest that Perth and Kinross Council would not be high in the selection process (think Perth Academy playing fields and Scots pine).