Lucy Penman

Lucy Penman

Lucy Penman: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can make sense of it all?

April 11 2018

Once women get beyond a certain age (which begins with a five and ends with a zero), they are constantly warned that unless they slather their faces in stuff on a regular basis their skin will begin to crack and eventually disintegrate. This has prompted me to compile one of my handy cut-out-and-keep guides. Welcome to skincare routines through the decades:

Lucy Penman

Use your head: There’s no grey area if it’s always ‘very nice’

February 13 2018

It has been hard to ignore the growing hair-raising frenzy relating to hair in the news recently. From the royal princes to the US President, debate has been raging about whether to disguise hair loss (with elaborate, bouffant combovers), shell out for transplants or just stop pretending and embrace the razor cut.

Lucy Penman

It’ll be tequila sunrises for me during my sunset years

January 30 2018

There are, of course, plenty of upsides to taking a cheeky week’s holiday in the sun when you are no longer tied to going away in school holidays. These are mainly (a) You do not have to pay the massive markup for flights and hotels during school holiday dates and (b) There are very few children around.