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A pug wearing a bandana? Resistance is futile

October 31 2017

Against my better judgment, I have finally succumbed to the national obsession with pictures of cute animals. I only admitted it to myself after asking the owner of some type of pug dog with a sticky-out tongue (the dog, not the owner) if I could take a picture of it “for my daughter”. It is now my phone screen wallpaper.

Lucy Penman

Cinema saves the day for culturally-bereft mum

October 17 2017

I am feeling bereft of popular culture since the Student left home. Strictly Come Dancing and the Great British Bake Off have, for the first time in living memory, been broadcast without the benefit of my constant monitoring.

Lucy Penman

Put me in black or grey and you can colour me happy

September 19 2017

Autumn and winter are my favourite fashion seasons. As my regular reader is aware, I favour woollen layers over flimsy tops-of-arms-revealing floaty dresses any day. I also tend towards the funereal in my colour choices, with black or navy sometimes enlivened by a cheeky grey.

Lucy Penman

Hang up the mobile phone, everyone, the 1900s are here

September 5 2017

It turns out me and The Teenager are unwittingly bang on trend. New research shows disposable cameras are making a comeback, with Fujifilm expecting to sell 7.5 million cameras this financial year – up from 3.9 million in 2014-15 – as young people tire of selfies.

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