Robert McNeil

Robert McNeil

Woods can be scary places

June 11 2016

I have a large scar on my right arm. It was not caused by an operation nor by receiving a slash from one of those peculiar people you read about who go up town on a Saturday night with a Samurai sword stuffed down their trousers.

Robert McNeil

A right good redd up

May 28 2016

I've just carried out my own mini-redd up. Checking out various etymological dictionaries, no one seems sure of the origin of the term, though the most authoritative attribute it to old Scots.

Robert McNeil

Thank you for the music

April 30 2016

The question is: could a man in my position be seen attending a concert, or “gig”, featuring psychedelic rock music tinged with Swedish folk influences?


Like watching paint dry…

April 24 2016

As usual, I should have got a man in. I am painting all the doors in my home. It’s not so much a competence thing as a time thing. Never realised there were so many doors. I only meant to paint one or two, but liked the results so much, I thought I’d do the rest.