TAG Games founder to focus on live gaming opportunities

Paul Farley.

The founder of Dundee mobile games firm Tag Games is stepping down as CEO after 12 years in the post.

Paul Farley will move to the chairman’s role at Tag while taking on the CEO position in spin-off ChilliConnect, which seeks to capitalise on growth opportunities in live games.

He will be succeeded as Tag Games CEO next month by the currect director of development Marc Williamson, who has been with the firm since 2010 and a board member for the past four years.

Mr Farley said: “Growing Tag from three people to become the awesome and respected development studio it is today has been an equally challenging and rewarding experience.

“With a wealth of talent and experience at Tag, I’m in an enviable position of being able to pass the day to day management of the studio to Marc and a very capable team around him.

“My focus now moves to a very exciting opportunity with ChilliConnect as we aim to become the leading platform for liveops and connected gameplay.”

Tag Games have been making mobile games since 2006 and its portfolio of more than 50 titles features globally recognised brands such as Angry Birds, Moshi Monsters and Doctor Who..

The firm said these changes will ensure that the company continues to grow and strengthen existing operations under familiar leadership.

ChilliConnect was spun out of Tag Games in 2017. The company now has the ambitious goal of democratising live-ops and connected gaming via a single dashboard that brings best in class capabilities to publishers and developers.

Mr Williamson said: “I will be looking to further strengthen the team and develop our culture of innovation and excellence.”