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House party in Dundee

 Average UK constituency house price per political party revealed

  • SNP constituencies, which includes Dundee, come out in sixth place
  • Dundee ranks as one of the least expensive areas across the UK

Green Party and Liberal Democrat constituencies are the most expensive areas of the UK, with Conservative seats only ranking third. SNP constituencies, including Dundee, came out sixth, with house prices averaging £170,920.

Out of 650 constituency house prices across the UK analysed, Dundee West has been ranked 525th (average £155,934) meaning it is one of the cheapest areas to live across the UK.

The findings from Bridging Loan Hub reveal that, when analysing the average house price in all 650 UK constituencies, at £394,577, the sole Green constituency (Brighton, Pavilion) pips the Lib Dems, with an average value of £368,517.

Despite a reputation for ‘looking after the rich’ Conservative seats are only the third most expensive in Britain, averaging £330,585 per home.

That being said, the most expensive single constituency is a Tory one, with four others making up the top 10. Chelsea and Fulham has an average house value of £2,203,482, which is 25 times more than the cheapest constituency in the UK.

Conservative seats also have the greatest range in house prices. The difference between the most and least expensive Tory constituencies is £2,082,689 and Labour follow closely behind with a £2,014,780 difference.

Seats held by Jeremy Corbyn’s party have £265,762 homes on average, with constituencies ranging from £90,058 to £2,104,838.

Sinn Féin strongholds in Northern Ireland have the cheapest homes nationally, averaging just £133,820 per property across their seven seats. The Irish republican party also has the lowest price for any single constituency: £88,178 in West Tyrone.

Political parties ranked by average constituency house price:

  1. Green – £394,577
  2. Liberal Democrat – £368,517 
  3. Conservative – £330,585
  4. Labour – £265,762
  5. Independent – £198,912
  6. SNP – £170,920
  7. Plaid Cymru – £168,449
  8. DUP – £141,926
  9. Sinn Féin – £133,820

The 10 most expensive constituencies:

  1. Chelsea and Fulham (CON) – £2,203,482
  2. Kensington (LAB) – £2,104,838
  3. Hampstead and Kilburn (LAB) – £1,628,737
  4. Cities of London and Westminster (CON) – £1,390,934
  5. Westminster North (LAB) – £1,203,319
  6. Beaconsfield (CON) – £1,150,489
  7. Esher and Walton (CON) – £1,070,797
  8. Hammersmith (LAB) – £1,034,910
  9. Holborn and St Pancras (LAB) – £946,475
  10. Richmond Park (CON) – £932,113


Daniel Tannenbaum of Bridging Loan Hub commented, “It is interesting that our findings reveal that the more liberal parties have supporters who own the most expensive properties on average, potentially dispelling some Tory stereotypes.


“The split of the richest 10 constituencies is exactly 50:50 between Conservative and Labour, so there is no evidence here that one party is the ‘party of the rich’. The wide range of house prices for both parties’ constituencies suggest their policies are in fact appealing to a wide range of people all across Britain.”



Party Average house price Max. average constituency price Min. average constituency price Range
Green £394,577 £394,577 £394,577 No range
Liberal Democrat £368,517 £770,679 £110,688 £659,991
Conservative £330,585 £2,203,482 £120,793 £2,082,689
Labour £265,762 £2,104,838 £90,058 £2,014,780
Independent £198,912 £198,912 £198,912 No range
SNP £170,920 £274,856 £114,789 £160,067
Plaid Cymru £168,449 £202,356 £108,534 £93,822
DUP £141,926 £221,853 £113,638 £108,215
Sinn Féin £133,820 £198,912 £88,178 £110,734




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