The Courier’s Impact 100 is back for a fifth year

The Courier's Impact 100 is back!

What a year for Scotland. What a year to shine the spotlight on those who made the biggest impression in the past 12 months. The Courier Impact 100 is back for a fifth year in 2016. Gayle Ritchie checks it out…

It’s been an extraordinary year. Whether in the realms of sport, politics, arts, business or health, Scotland – and Courier Country – has played a major part.

Naturally, it’s the big moments that hit the headlines but it’s the people behind them who really matter.

Behind the scenes, there are vital and very often unsung roles being played out on a daily basis.

And that’s what Impact 100 is all about – recognising those who have inspired or helped others; who have brought about changes or achieved success, fame or even notoriety.

It’s about the people who touched your heart; people who changed your way of thinking; people who entertained you; people who enraged you and the people who inspired you.

New faces

There are an abundance of newcomers in the 2016 Impact 100 list – almost two-thirds are new faces.

And just like last year, we didn’t shy away from controversy; having a big impact isn’t always positive but it affects society in a major way.

Judging was tough and it got tougher as the panel moved towards the top 10. Conversation was heated, opinions were debated but ultimately, there was agreement.

As with any influential list, there will be some people who may question or disagree with our decisions but if the list incites healthy debate, so much the better.

When The Courier ran its first Impact 100 in 2012, we had little idea of the response it would generate.

This year we have been flooded with nominations – our starting list boasted more than 200 names and whittling it down to 100 was no mean feat.

Starting on Monday, we will be counting down to this year’s number one and within the pages of five supplements, we will bring you the people we believe made 2016 truly memorable.

And who knows, one of the entries might even be you…