Male domestic abuse victim wants apology from Angus police officers at the centre of watchdog probe

© DC Thomson
The incident happened at Arbroath Police Station.

A domestic abuse victim has demanded an apology from Angus police following a damning watchdog probe.

Speaking publicly for the first time, the man said he felt let down by the very people who were supposed to protect him.

And he revealed he was now considering whether to take further action.

Three Angus police officers, including area commander David McIntosh, came in for heavy criticism following an investigation by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc).


The man, who had been relocated for his own protection, had gone to Arbroath Police Station to report harassment after a woman posted his address on Facebook but was told it was “not a police matter”.

He alleged that a female PC had been dismissive, rude and unprofessional in dealing with him. But his claim was thrown out by Mr McIntosh, who also denied that a colleague had labelled the man a frequent complainer.

The Pirc said Mr McIntosh’s statement was “entirely at odds with the evidence available”.

Speaking yesterday, the man said he felt vindicated by the ruling but he had not received any feedback from the police.

“I would like an apology for the way I was treated but I’m not holding my breath,” he said.

“An apology would be the best thing but the police haven’t been back in touch with me.

“The harassment I have received stems from an abusive relationship in the past and I feel like there is no one to turn to.

“Where I lived previously the police listened to me and helped but I feel I have been let down by the officers from the Angus division.

“If something happened to me again I am not sure I would report it after my experience with Angus police.”


The Pirc ruling came as Scotland’s justice minister said he was considering a probe into the culture at Police Scotland.

A friend of the man said the case was a symptom of wider issues in the force, adding: “My friend feels like he is just stuck and should just take the harassment he receives

“I myself have never had any confidence in Police Scotland.

“Some officers, especially those from Arbroath/Forfar aren’t in the police for the right reasons.

“He has been failed and he shouldn’t have been so we are looking at how this can be taken further.”

The watchdog also raised concerns about the sergeant who dealt with the complaint investigation, stating he had concluded there was “no complaint to answer”.

The review found that “neither complaint was handled to a reasonable standard” and recommended that Police Scotland re-evaluate the evidence available and “provides an apology if appropriate”.

A police spokeswoman said: “We are currently reviewing the Pirc recommendations with a view to issuing a response to the complainer in due course.”