Kids as young as nine urged to take chance to follow in footsteps of 45 Commando heroes at RM Condor

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RM Condor.

A new marines cadet corps in Arbroath will be charged with turning children as young as nine “into responsible, dependable and useful members of society”.

The detachment of the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps is planned to open at RM Condor next month following a recruitment drive for potential recruits and staff.

Formed over 100 years ago to keep sailors and marines’ children out of mischief, the Volunteer Cadet Corps is said to have originated with a bored lad with questionable football skills and was set up to give the lad, and his friends, an alternative and more constructive way of passing the time.

Wholly owned by the Royal Navy, the VCC has become a flourishing youth organisation of over 650 cadets, consisting of Royal Naval Cadets (RNC) and Royal Marines Cadets (RMC), across 10 units spanning the UK with the Headquarters based at HMS Excellent, Portsmouth.

The aim of the VCC is to provide opportunities for young people to develop into responsible, dependable and useful members of society, employing the traditions and practises of the naval service as the basis for their activities.

A spokesman for the VCC said: “In line with the government’s intention to expand cadet opportunities and encourage more youngsters to experience the benefits of being a cadet it is a sensible time to start up another VCC unit and where better than in an operational Royal Marines base where cadets can benefit from local support and actively engage with service personnel.

“We accept applications for new recruits from anyone between the ages of nine and 17 regardless of whether they are from a military background.

“As a recruit, they undergo four to five months’ basic training, and then ‘pass out’ during a ceremonial parade in front of family and friends where they are also inspected by a VIP usually a Senior RN or RM Officer and become Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Cadets.

“The basic training will cover Drill, Discipline, Uniform Maintenance, Corps History, Badges of Rank, undertake a Field Exercise including cooking/sleeping in the field, sporting participation, navigation skills and more.

“Once passed out a new Royal Marines Cadet join General Duties Training.

“As they experience our range of exciting and challenging activities and training the cadets move up through higher training phases to acquire new skills or become more proficient at existing ones.

“We are focused on helping youngsters develop and prepare for adult life, and allowing cadets to engage in fun and informative activities within a disciplined environment is central to instilling a sense of responsibly and reliability.

“Being inside a Corps establishment and interacting with Royal Marines helps to foster a sense of belonging that underpins our values and aim.”

The VCC is open to any youngster aged between nine and 17.

In addition to instruction in military skills and sports, VCC cadets also get the chance to attend camps during school holidays and represent their units at major public events such as Remembrance Day ceremonies and commemorations.

For more information on joining Arbroath RMVCC as a recruit, download a form at and email or go to